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40 Thieves Solitaire

Game rules:

40 Thieves Solitaire is a game that requires both skill and patience. Played with two decks, your mission is to build eight foundations up in suit from Ace to King. The game sets up with 40 cards dealt into ten tableau piles. Each tableau pile is built with four face-up cards. All aces are placed on the foundation piles. The remaining 56 cards form the stock pile.

Move all cards from the tableau to the foundations, maintaining the ascending order and sticking to the same suit. On the tableau place cards in descending order and in suit. You can move only one card on the tableau pile onto another tableau pile. Click the stock pile (top left) to deal new card. Re-deal is not allowed. The allure of 40 Thieves Solitaire lies in its unique blend of challenge and strategy. Every card moved, every decision made, directly impacts your path to victory. It’s a test of your cognitive abilities, enhancing logical thinking and sharpening your decision making skills.