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Giza Solitaire

Game rules:

Giza Solitaire transports players to the ancient land of Egypt, where the majestic pyramids of Giza provide the backdrop for this captivating card game. Unlike traditional solitaire, Giza Solitaire challenges players to dismantle a pyramid-shaped tableau by selecting pairs of cards that add up to thirteen. This unique twist not only tests players’ quick thinking and strategy but also immerses them in the mystique of Egyptian culture and history.

Each card cleared from the pyramid reveals the potential for new moves and strategies, mirroring the uncovering of ancient secrets hidden within the sands of time. The game’s design, infused with symbols and motifs from Egyptian mythology, enhances the playing experience, making every game a journey through history. With its blend of strategic gameplay and thematic richness, Giza Solitaire is more than just a card game—it’s an adventure that challenges the mind and captivates the imagination, inviting players to unlock the mysteries of the past with every move.