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Spider Solitaire Online

Game rules:

Spider Solitaire Online is a unique variation of solitaire that offers three levels of difficulty based on suit – one suit (easy), two suits (medium) and four suits (hard). Regardless of the variant, the goal of the game remains consistent: to arrange all the cards in descending sequences from King to Ace in a tableau and then move them to the foundation. At the start of the game, the tableau is filled with ten piles of cards. However, the number of suits in the game depends on the variant chosen.

The game is played by moving cards or groups of cards within the tableau to form a complete descending sequence of the same suit. Once this is achieved, the sequence is automatically moved to the foundation. Creating eight sequences guarantees a win. The cards on the tableau are stacked in descending order and regardless of suit. Single cards or sequences of cards of the same suit can be moved between tableau piles. An empty tableau pile can be filled with any card. To deal new cards into each pile, click on the stockpile in the bottom left corner.

Spider Solitaire Online provides excellent entertainment at any level of difficulty. The single suit version of the cards is an excellent starting point for beginners, while the two suit version increases the difficulty level slightly. The four suit version is the most challenging, requiring more strategic planning and careful consideration of each move.