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Sultan Solitaire

Game rules:

Sultan Solitaire is a single player card game played with two decks of cards. The unique aspect of this game is the Sultan (King of Hearts), which is placed in the center of the table and around which the rest of the game is played. Playing Sultan Solitaire is simple, but requires a keen eye and strategic thinking. The main objective of the game is to surround the Sultan with eight Queens, that is, to build eight foundation piles by suit, from Ace to Queen. There are six free cells on the table, each of which can hold one card. At the beginning of the game, all free cells are filled with random cards.

Winning in Sultan Solitaire is not always easy, as it requires a combination of luck and skill. With each game, the player improves his strategic skills, making this game not only fun, but also a brain-boosting activity. Sultan Solitaire is a unique addition to the solitaire panorama, engaging in an interesting way and stimulating the mind to find new solutions. Its addictive gameplay encourages players to dig deeper into their strategic reserves, making every victory in Sultan Solitaire a truly rewarding experience.