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Game rules:

Spiderette Solitaire is an intriguing single-player card game that is a compact version of the classic Spider Solitaire. Unlike its counterpart, which uses two decks, Spiderette Solitaire uses one deck, making it more challenging and exciting for those looking for a change from traditional solitaire games. The rules of Spiderette are simple, but require strategic thinking. The game begins with 21 cards dealt in seven columns, with the first column containing one card, the second two cards and so on until the seventh column contains seven cards. Only the top card of each column is revealed and available for play.

The goal of Spiderette is to arrange four descending sequences from King to Ace in one suit. One card or a descending sequence of cards of the same suit can be moved between the columns. Any card or sequence can be placed in an empty column. The remaining cards from the deck form four stock piles. These should be dealt at a convenient time in the game. Spiderette Solitaire, like the classic Spider Solitaire, has three game variations – one suit, two suits and four suits.