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Sea Tower Solitaire

Game rules:

Sea Tower Solitaire is an addictive and challenging variation of traditional solitaire. The goal of Sea Tower Solitaire is to move all the cards into four foundation piles, starting with the Aces in ascending order and sticking to the same suit. On the tableau, the cards can be arranged in descending order and in suit. You can move a sequence of cards as a group to another column of the tableau, but only if they are of the same suit. To move a group of cards, you must provide enough empty cells and empty columns. Only the King can be moved to an empty column. Sea Tower Solitaire has four free cells, each of which can hold one card. Two free cells are occupied at the beginning of the game.

Sea Tower Solitaire is an intriguing and addictive solitaire variant, full of challenges that engage your strategic skills and give you a sense of satisfaction as you beat each level. Whether you’re an experienced card player looking for a new challenge or a casual player looking for an entertaining and brain-stimulating pastime, Sea Tower Solitaire is definitely worth a try.