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Classic Solitaire

Game rules:

Classic Solitaire is an incredibly popular version of a card game that has enjoyed recognition among many players for many years. Its popularity is due to the simplicity of the rules and the fascinating challenge it presents to players. The goal of the game is to move all cards to the four foundations (top right corner) by suit from ace to king. On the tableau (7 columns) the cards can be placed in descending order and alternate color. A single card or a group of cards (in sequence down and in alternating colors) may be moved from one tableau column to another. Empty columns can be fielled by a king or a sequence starting with a king. Click on the stock (top left) to get a new open card. Move all 52 cards to the four foundations to win the game.

Classic Solitaire is not only excellent entertainment, but also a great way to exercise concentration, perceptiveness, and strategic thinking. Thanks to its simple rules, Solitaire is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience. Try to face the challenges of this game on your own and experience the joy when you manage to solve the puzzle. Classic Solitaire is a fascinating activity that can provide many hours of relaxation and fun. Can you manage to remove all the cards from the table? Find out for yourself and dive into the world of Solitaire today!