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Scorpion Solitaire Time

Game rules:

Step up to the thrilling challenge of Scorpion Solitaire Time! This game will test not only your patience but also your strategic thinking as you navigate through a maze of cards. Can you solve the enigmatic configuration of cards within the allotted time? There’s only one way to find out!

The objective of the game is clear: skillfully maneuver the cards across different piles and build four perfect sequences, each in descending order from King to Ace. The allure of the Scorpion Solitaire Challenge lies in its unique mechanics. Unlike other solitaire variants, you’re allowed to move single cards or sets of randomly arranged cards between the piles. The card you’re moving, however, must land on a card of identical color, one rank higher. And if you find yourself with an empty space? Fear not, you can fill it with a King or a card set that has a King at the forefront. Remember to strategically deal your three reserve cards, timing is everything!